#1 Blog…What have I gotten myself into…

In the beginning, I became a blogger.  For no real reason.  Not to be famous.  No to be read by millions.  Just to release thoughts on life, Jesus, death, and everything in between, so i can look back one day and remember what has happened.

Today I am counting down the days that I have until my first daughter Anastasia Claire comes into the world.  I am told that i will never sleep again.  Since I dont sleep much now I figure she will be a wonderful person to visit with when I am awake in the middle of the night!  Sarah is beautiful as a pregnant woman.  I think we will have more just so I can see her where giant shirts that just happen to be orange, and think of pumkins in January.

Different Subject.  Mistakes.  Think about that word for a minute.   Just think…

Here is a little video I made when I was 24 and seeking where God would have me in Worship Ministry


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