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Register for Passion 2010

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Passion 2010 is 4 days & 3 nights in Atlanta, GA Jan. 2-5, 2010.  It will be a life changing event for all who are able to attend.  Total cost for Registration and Hotel for 4 days & 3 nights is only $230.00 (before Sept. 15, $20.00 more after) and includes conference attendance, lunch on Jan. 3 & 4, and conference materials.  You are responsible for any remaining meals.  When you register, enter “THRiVE” in the Ministry/Organization field in the online registration form.

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So I found this old pic…

Caleb Mayfield's Senior Portrait
Caleb Mayfield's Senior Portrait

Really excited about this photo of Caleb Mayfield that i found.  You should let him know that he is in my blog!

In other news, today has been a fun day for the Speier family.  We got up and went to church for a sermon on church government.  Could have been a tough topic to teach on, but Pastor Scott was able to bring it all back to the headship of Jesus and make it very applicable to all of us.  We had lunch at the house and Sarah’s family came over to visit Ana Claire.  Mr. James proceeded to make our walk way bigger by chizzleing out brick for nealy 5 hours.  Way to go Mr. James!!!

Tonight’s biblical leadership session went great and we had some good discussion afterwards as well.  I am really glad for all those who came tonight!  Next week we will finish up Neh. 2 and then go right into chapter 3.  Otter (our dog) has gotten loose again.  He is a smart dog determined to sneak out and run around the neighborhood anytime he gets a chance.  Pray that he will come home.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day of all kinds of stuff.  Happy Memorial Day to all those who served our country and paid the ultimate price.  We honor Christ for doing what no man or woman could do, and that is to live the perfect life, be murdered as the penalty of our sin, and coming back to life to defeat the grave, death, sin, and Satan. God bless you as you read this blog, please pray for my wife Sarah and I and for our little daughter Anastasia!

Ana Claire & thoughts

This is a pic of Ana with a stuffed animal (RIP). She is about two months old here. She is making little noises and sneezes a few times a day. Sarah is such a great mom to her! I think more and more of how IMP it is to ask God to send you a godly spouse.

This morning at the coaches huddle, we talked about God’s Plans for our lives vs. our own plans.  God knows the plans that He has for each individual, b/c we are His children and He is not going to forget and toss us to the side.  This morning I am going to focus on being a son of God and just spending some time being still before Him.

Hanging out in the crib after just waking up

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