Our current situation…

From a local businessman and church leader- 12/15/12

I have tried putting down my opinion this morning and have found it very difficult to breathe when I try to gather my thoughts to write. Sleep was interrupted most of the night when I would find myself thinking of the children. I have no connection to any of the families other than human feelings and compassion and that seems to fall way short of reasoning when it comes to the magnitude of this loss. I don’t recall ever hearing the name Newtown, Connecticut until yesterday. Now I have. Through live news coverage of an incomprehensible act that will now live in my mind as long as I draw breath. An external enemy with years of cultivated hatred took life from us on 9/11 however this senseless murderous act was committed by a sick minded neighbor cultivated internally. I say cultivated because this was not a spontaneous loss of mind but a premeditated, evil act that totally disregarded human life. Any life taken in this manner is senseless and incomprehensible but children! What can cause anyone to commit such a heinous evil act?

Opinions as to the cause will mount in days and months to come and will mostly focus on what appears to be the obvious. As President Obama said we should debate vigorously every “meaningful” issue that would prevent anything close to this from ever happening again. However most of us will focus on the “apparent” obvious and in some cases deliberately avoid the root cause. We will reason that it is just too humanly hard to deal with. As with similar tragedies in our recent history we cannot allow this to end up media spin to promote political agendas that do not address the root problem. As with every major crisis that America is currently dealing with this one as with the others could have been anticipated because the root problem has yet to be addressed. Sure, a sick mind and guns can be debated, opinions stated and laws passed until the next tragedy however unless the root cause is addressed these tragedies will continue to occur again and again, only more frequently and by possibly different means. Anything but addressing the root cause is a Band-Aid for a gashing wound.

Evil has been allowed to develop as untreated cancer in our society and is now with great devastation is taking its toll with human life. It will be interesting to see in the coming days to see if it will be reported how many times this sick mind received hugs and told he was loved from a broken dysfunctional “family”. How many hours a day he spent playing violent video games, watching violent movies and listening to music that disregard human life produced from an entertainment industry left unchecked. Again only evidence and fruits of a deeper root cause in a depraved culture. Our human spirits and ultimately our actions are cultivated by what we allow to entertain (to maintain ones the mind) our mind and our minds have been entertained by evil rather than good. America we are beginning to reap the whirlwinds. The root cause; Acceptance of evil as a cultural lifestyle. Acceptance of evil as a society does have its moment of temporary satisfaction and pleasure but will eventually surface and result in the destructive death stench that it really is.

It is easy if you are slightly informed to cry out about the dark fruits or evidence of evil however as I said earlier, addressing, debating or merely crying out is not enough it requires action. Humanly it is much harder to address the solution, especially if you are not aware or been taught that the solution requires indivual reflection, accountability and action that is found in ancient writings. This ancient writing, if followed will have an immediate, significant and positive cultural impact.
Some will argue that we don’t want or need to change our developing culture. Really, really? Continue to follow this and future developing news stories and tell me that we don’t need to change our sick “developing culture”. Look into the eyes of the children and see what we have left them and with conviction repeat it in the mirror. We have always had and will no matter what continue to have sick minds and available weapons but we do not have to endure these evil actions that have been now experienced in Newtown.

There is a Solution!!!!

My fear is that we will debate passionately the peripheral issues, avoid the root cause and therefore once again reject the Solution.
The Solution – The ancient writing ?

2 Chronicles 7:14
“if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Leaders please lead!!! Pastors, Clergy, Senate Members, House Members, Governors, Mayors, Commissioners, Media Moguls, Business Leaders, please, please, please lead this great nation in repentance before God. Let us the followers see you repent through all available outlets. TV, Radio, Internet, Youtube, Facebook etc. we will follow!

We have been warned over and over and now it is time for action. Going over the fiscal cliff will pale in comparison of going over the spiritual cliff. Arrogant and prideful unbelief is the only thing standing in way of true change and solution.

America, if our leaders don’t repent, we must take it on ourselves lead our families in repentance anyway we will then have the wisdom and fortitude to appoint the correct leaders!

As for either side that attempts to politicize this act to promote their agendas that do not address the root cause, they should be prosecuted and held in contempt of human life. We will not be able to write laws, build prisons, borrow enough money and build enough gravesites fast enough if America does not repent and find its moral compass through faith in Jesus Christ.

Gary Hensley