Summer Schedule for Student Ministries @ WHC

FIRST OF ALL- THANKS FOR WHAT ALL OF YOU MEAN TO THE STUDENT MINISTRY TEAM AT WHC!  I appreciate all that YOU do for Jesus, oImageur church, each other, and our community!
Please (pretty please) mark down these dates and let me know if you have any questions.  I need a few more leaders for Summer Camp June 10-15 if anyone is interested please contact me at or 828.736.3586.  Please save my phone number if you need anything at all.  All events can be viewed at 
  • JUNE 10- YOUTH SUNDAY– Students will participate in leading many areas of the service this Sunday morning.  
  • JUNE 10-15 WHC SUMMER CAMP- (Sunday after church – Friday morn) CLICK HERE  for more info!  WE HOPE THAT EVERY STUDENT CAN COME ON THIS GREAT WEEK!  BRING A FRIEND & REGISTER ONLINE.  My Goal is to have 50 students & leaders go on this week of camp & scholarships are available if you need one just let me know!  This week is for all students who are going into the 7th grade this coming fall through college freshman.  
  • July 15-20 High School Music Week Camp- CLICK HERE for more info!  If you LOVE MUSIC this is a week that you DO NOT want to miss! 
  • COLLEGE PREP SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY– SUNDAY NIGHTS at Jason’s House CLICK HERE for more info- We will finish this year on June 3rd with our last session & Kick Off again on Aug. 5th
  • STUDENT LIFE GROUPS- WEDS. NITES- Will continue throughout the entire Summer except for 2 Dates when we will be at Camps.  Those dates are June 13 & July 18.  Other than that we will continue to meet, pray, study scripture, and more! 
  • LAKE DAY! Aug. 4th (Saturday)  CLICK HERE FOR INFO!  
QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS Please call me directly on my cell 828.736.3586 or Email me at 

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