THOUGHTS on iPhone4 Verizon

Things to remember about iPhone4 on Verizon.

1. This is the same iPhone4 that has been out for a while now on ATT, not a new one.

2.  It has the Mobile hotspot feature built in to run up to 5 Wifi devices at a time.

3.  If you are the primary number on your Verizon acct. you will NOT be allowed to upgrade in 12 mnths like you had been able to do in the past.  So if you get the iPhone4 (which doesnt run on the new LTE 4G network, only 3G) on Feb. 10th, 2011 you will not be able to get the 2nd Gen. Verizon iPhone that runs on 4g LTE until 2 full years down the rd.  This is a change that is going into effect for FEB. 2011…

4.  I called a Feb. launch date, just to be clear.  I knew that Verizon would wait a full 30 days plus before they released it so people would not return their Christmas Droid purchases.

5.  I would STILL recommend that people seriously consider a new 4G LTE Droid being released within 6 months over an iPhone4 b/c of all the customization and newest tech that is included.  I personally use the Droid Incredible and have to say that I will not be switching to the iPhone b/c of all that the Droid/Google software does for me on a day to day basis!