We i finally feel like we are settling into our new community here in Asheville, NC.  Work is going great and I love to talk about cell phones with every person i know…cough cough…but really i count it a huge blessing to have a steady job that allows my girls to stay home and learn, grow, and love.

We took almost six months when we first got to asheville to try and decide on a church to get involved with and we ended up in the last place that i thought we would ever be which is Biltmore Baptist church (5k/wk attendance)…..but I can honestly say it has been one of the most refreshing, challenging, and helpful churches that we have ever had the privelege of being a part of.

Coming from a small church background (500 or less) and to enter the giant sanctuary at BBC was very intimidating, but like anything in life the key is appreciate it for what it is and keep your eyes and heart on Jesus Christ.  I love how the church uses media, lighting, video, orchestra, vocals and full band to be creative in how we worship God.  The pastor there reminds me of one of my high school coaches, who can challenge and push you where you need to go but who also has earned the respect of the church (team) and we follow and trust him as he follows and trusts Christ Jesus.

So if you are ever in Asheville, NC and want to join me for anything at Biltmore Baptist Church just call me at 828.736.3586


Starting Point @ Biltmore Baptist Church

Had a great nite at Starting Point… know if you have ever lost faith in the local church, maybe its time to try going to a church that knows what they believe, their mission statement, and how they are going to carry it out!  REFRESHING!