Universal Healthcare and Verizon Wireless

Some thoughts from a leader within the Cellular world!

Team, A friend of mine sent me the link below because it pertains to Verizon Wireless and the new healthcare law and he thought I would enjoy reading it. As business owners, independent contractors and for me personally with family with preexisting conditions, universal healthcare may seem advantageous. However, when you see articles like the one attached and contemplate what it is going to cost our country and those who actually qualify to pay taxes it is a subject worth noting. Nothing is free and included – we all know that from what we sell. Read up on the subject and be well informed so when it comes time to vote in the midterm elections your voice can be heard. If you normally watch NBC news watch a little FOX also, if you normally read the News and Record also read the Rhino and if you read the New York Times, also read the Wall Street Journal.

Jason Speier
Cellular Sales Verizon Wireless


BlackBerry Tour Software Update

Hi all you BBerry Tour users! I thought I would throw up some info about the software update, so here is it!

Verizon Wireless introduces a new software update for the BlackBerry Tour smartphone. Users will be able to upgrade their software to version 5.0.0 release 1002 (platform 5.0.0591) to receive new improvements and enhancements.‬‪.

Key Advantages:‬‪‪
• Camera – Smoother operation in both camera and video applications ‬‪• Calling – Improved Bluetooth functionality for last number dialed, enhanced functionality for Voice Activated Dialing in both French and English, improved missed call log showing missed Call Waiting calls, and upgraded Call Waiting caller ID and call timer ‬‪
• Messaging – Improved functionality for reading, sending, forwarding, and deleting SMS messages as well as corrected in-box display when in holster ‬‪
• Bluetooth – Improvements in operation when using VZ Navigator ‬‪• Push To Talk – Push To Talk capability ‬‬ ‪Software Availability:‬‪The software upgrade will first be available to customers on the night of 3/29 at 11:59 pm via the following methods:‬‪‪ • OTASL (Over The Air Software Loading): ‬‪‪
• OTA User Initiated ‬‪
• Verizon Wireless Network Pushed Process (Poke) ‬‬ ‪ • Web-Based Software ‬‪
• Desktop Manager Software ‬‬ ‪See the Blackberry Tour support website for a more detailed list of the enhancements, improvements, and download instructions.‬‪‬‪ Jason Speier
Cellular Sales Verizon Wireless