Facebook Fundraiser Saves College Student Demorris Davis

Facebook Fundraiser Saves College Student Demorris Davis

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Wild day!

So I woke up to go get a crown put on my tooth, (this is what I get for drinking mountain dew every day in high school), and enjoyed the 1 hour drive to my dentist now that I have moved to Asheville, NC.

We are getting along great at the new house which has a fenced in yard for the dogs! Sarah is a wonderful mom and I am totally pumped about being able to raise kids with her over the next 20ish years or so.

I stopped by the Encouraging Cup Coffee House the other night, and listened to a fellow from South Carolina sing some songs about Jesus.  It was a nice change of pace.  There seem to be lots of little places like this all over the greater Asheville area which I am sure will be fun to stop in and visit from time to time.

The fundraiser for Demorris Davis has been all over the internet and a friend sent this link to me as well as a few others. Check them out!


Tired but…

Thanks to everyone for giving God the glory for all that has happened with Demorris Davis.  Demorris truly loves Jesus and it was wonderful to see all the people come together to be the body of Christ!  Some updates below about our current situation…I appreciate all the prayers for my family!

Well I am constantly reminded that I am blessed in spite of the current situation.  Many people all over the world are starving, uneducated, and homeless.  Now this may be a tough break but we will be fine in the long run. We are only going to face small challenge in comparison to what many people have to deal with every single day.  My hope is that Jesus Christ remains the most important person in our lives and that focusing on Him leads to true satisfaction which in turn glorifies God the most.

Work status: I am applying for ministry and secular jobs at the moment.  I simply want to be able to support my family at this point.  We will be out of our home by the end of Sept. and arriving in Asheville, NC the first of October unless something major happens in the next 14 days!

Stay strong for the Lord Jesus THRiVE!!!  I love each of you and pray for you daily!!!



Demorris Davis
Demorris Davis

UPDATE OCT. 25, 2009  WCU Financial aid officials will consider all the gifts and support raised for Demorris Davis as a scholarship from all of his friends, church family, and community.  They will not be awarding the $5,100 a second time to Demorris.  Thanks to all who helped and God bless!


Because of situations out of Demorris Davis’ control his FAFSA for WCU was messed up and they are sending him home.  Demorris is a friend to all of us and an all-around awesome guy!  He needs our help! In the next 20 hours we are going to raise the money for his fall semester and need your help!  Please pledge sacrificially any amount that you are able to do in order that he might be able to go to college this semester!  We have to have the money in by Friday Sept. 4th (tomorrow).

HOW THIS WORKS-on the wall of this event page here on facebook, please post the amount that you or an anonymous donor will give toward keeping Demorris here at WCU, and I will keep updating the wall with the total amount raised as close to minute by minute as I can.  We have to raise $5,100 in less than 20 hours so please give any amount that you are able to, call your parents and ask them for $100 bucks for Demorris.  This is going to take all of us working together as the body of Christ!!!

HOW TO DONATE.  Once we have reached the total needed of $5,100 we will have everyone pay it into a my Paypal account that I have set up (Click the “Pay Now Donate” button on my website. You may use your own Paypal account, Visa, or MasterCard.  You can bring the actual cash or check to WCU or to me at my house next door to Webster Baptist Church near the campus of WCU.  Checks will probably have to  be made out to “Western Carolina University Registrar’s Office” (828) 227-7216

Invite all your friends and include a personal note and let them know how fast we have to move on this!!!  So go ahead and post on this Facebook “WALL” how much you will be able to give and stay tuned for updates…Once we get all the money pledged we will send out the link where you can give online!

Thanks and may God bless you!!!

(Update from message above) IT IS OFFICIAL!  You all have raised the $5,100 dollars needed in 18 hours to allow Demorris Davis to stay at WCU and finish his Senior year!  Thanks to all of you who donated and glad to see the body of Christ come together and unite through generosity!  God bless you all.    CLICK HERE to watch the video that we made after getting done paying for college tuition & CLICK HERE to see the actual payment go through at WCU!

Jason N. Speier

College Pastor at Webster Baptist Church

(Most recent update)

Dear Donors,

We cannot thank you enough for being overly generous when a friend needed your love in action.  We praise God and give Him all the glory for everything that happened over the last few days.  The purpose of this email is to give you an update on some of the details concerning Demorris Davis’ financial aid.

As stated, Demorris had been dropped out of WCU’s system since his financial aid was not going to be awarded for several more weeks.
Full payment of the $5,107 was due on Sept. 4th by 4:30pm, and thanks
to all of you, we were able to meet that deadline.  Since payment has
been made in full, Demorris has been put back into WCU’s system and he
will be receiving his refund check in the amount of $5,107 in a few
weeks.  In light of these updates, we would like to communicate your
options, so that we might be as forthright and above reproach as we
celebrate what God has done.

Since Demorris will be receiving approximately $5100 in a few
weeks, we would like to give you two options at this point.

1.  If you would like to request a “refund” on your donation we would
be more than glad to send you a check for the amount you donated.
Please respond to this email by sending me your full name, mailing
address and the amount you donated.

2.  If you decide NOT to receive a “refund” on you donation simply
respond and let me know. If I do not get a response I will assume you
are comfortable with Demorris using the refund check for future
educational needs and ministry opportunities.

Thank you so much and if you have any questions feel free to
contact me at 828.736.3586 or Jason@WebsterBaptistChurch.net


Jason N. Speier
Worship & College Pastor
Webster Baptist Church
828.736.3586 Cell