Top 10 Items to ponder countdown…

Top 10 Items to ponder countdown…

10- Why are so many students and 20-somethings across WNC, WCU, & SCC living for the Glory of God?

9- Be praying intensely and constantly for your campus leaders, pastors, and friends to stay strong in their love and devotion for JESUS.

8- Be even more intentional and constant in your prayers for those far from God, who have rejected Jesus, and who grieve the Holy Spirit.

7- If your a WCU or SCC student get connected to a campus ministry, be under the teaching and council of some very godly and determined people! Here are a few options below that we know of where you can worship, study scripture, and begin relationships with other believers that will spur you on to be like Jesus.

6- Campus Outreach (C.O.) meets Weds. @ 9:30pm 2nd floor of the UC.

5- Reformed University Fellowship (R.U.F.) meets Weds. @ 8pm in Killian Room 104.

4- The Baptist Student Union (B.S.U.) meets Thurs. @ 7:30pm at their student center located between Cullowhee Baptist Church and Papa’s Pizza-To-Go.

3- OUR PROBLEM. For those of you who call Webster Baptist your church home, we have a problem that cannot be overlooked for much longer. There are families with children, WCU & SCC students, professors & graduates, and grandparents & grandchildren who come to WBC to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is wonderful and encouraging to all. This past Sunday morning there were 400+ people worshiping Christ and we are quickly running out of seats & services for these souls to be able to gather, worship, learn, and grow.

2- THE CHALLENGE. I am issuing a challenge to all of us, specifically the 18-29 year olds, that is both convicting and exciting at the same time. I am praying for us to make a huge impact in the ministry budget for the 2009-2010 fiscal year and beyond, and to set the example when it comes to living radically different lives for Jesus (1 Tim 4:12). I am asking all of us to engage in giving financially to WBC in three ways; cheerfully, sacrificially, and regularly, all of which are Biblical (2 Cor. 8-9). Here is a sermon clip that may help you understand more fully what I am talking about,

1. THE ANSWER. There is great power and influence when college & 20-somethings decide to commit whole-heartedly to really anything if you think about it, good or bad. Right now we have the chance to be leaders for the cause of Christ here in Western North Carolina, and help build and sustain ministry and ministry leaders that can reach and train disciples for Jesus who will genuinely impact the entire world with the Gospel. Join us by giving online cheerfully, sacrificially, and regularly at click on the donate now link and give securely via your PayPal account or using your debit/check card. Our mission is simple, “To see people so taken with God that lives are being transformed and the world is being impacted for Christ.” If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Grace and Peace,

Jason & the entire THRiVE Team


Great Concerts in Franklin NC at the new Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts

There are a bunch of great concerts going on in Franklin, NC which is less than 30 mins from Sylva, Bryson City, and Cullowhee.  Check out the website below.  When you purchase tickets be sure to use PROMO CODE “Jackson” to help a portion of the proceeds go the Heritage Christian Academy here in Jackson County.

Sat 8/29 – David Phelps ( who sings tenor with Gaither Vocal Band – has a huge vocal range and great heart).
Fri 9/04 – Carl Hurley, Jeanne Robertson ( start of Christian comedy weekend ).
Sat 9/05 – Chonda Pierce ( Christian Comedy weekend )
Sat 9/12 – The Isaacs (Great Bluegrass Gospel – along with WNC’s own “Mountain Faith” )
Sun 9/13 – Hope 2009 (Macon Ministerial Association free event with Derwin Grey (“The Evangelism Linebacker”)
Fri 9/18 – Doyle Lawson & QuickSilver (along with The Fiddlin’  Dills Sisters) (this is Bluegrass, and Gospel)
Sat 9/26 – Greater Vision ( winners of multiple awards, including Male Vocalist of the year, Song of the Year, Songwriter of the year, Video of the Year, Gospel Music’s Favorite Trio).  Plus others.
Fri 10/02 – Mike Speck Trio
Fri 10/16 – Ivan Parker (Many awards – maybe best known for “Midnight Cry”) – plus others.
Fri 10/23 – Blue Ridge, Mark Bishop, The Mark Trammell Trio
Sat 10/24 – Blue Ridge, The Talley Trio
Sun 10/25 – Reach Up Tour (free event sponsored by various Churches and Associations in the area)

College Ministry Blog Repost

Tackling the Myths

Chuck on August 18th, 2009

This is the beginning of “Appendix E: 7 Reasons For Not Having A College Ministry (and why you shouldn’t let them stop you)” in the book, College Ministry 101

I thought this would be good to post, just in case you are personally doubting whether or not you should have “something” for college-age people in your church – or maybe you know someone is that you could refer to this series I’ll be posting.  Anyway, here is the first reason…and why it shouldn’t stop you…

“I find that leaders of churches that don’t currently have a college-age ministry bring up
seven common issues. If you’re facing opposition in your church, I encourage you to talk
about these issues with those who object, or just give them this list that deconstructs the
arguments against college-age ministry.

1. A limited number of college-age people are around. When I started doing college-
age ministry, all I had to work with was a list of six names. Six. I was certain the need was
greater than this short list suggested, so I drove through town to get a sense for how many
college-age people were just hanging around. I drove for hours and barely saw any high
school students, much less college-age people.

I had no idea why this church had brought me here to start this ministry. But that
was my job, so I called those six people and invited them to a barbecue at my house. Nine
people showed up. We started a Bible study on Thursday nights, and before we knew it,
college-age people were coming from “nowhere.” If our growth surprised anyone, it was me.
Not having any college-age people in the church shouldn’t deter people from starting
a ministry; it should catapult them to start one. How many junior high students would be at
your church if you didn’t have a junior high ministry?

In the beginning of our ministry, I realized a lot of college-age people were coming
from other churches. I was initially concerned about this dynamic and even told people to
go back to their churches. But I began to realize the reason they were coming was that we
had something specifically for them. Most of the other churches in our area were doing
nothing. I heard it all the time: “I come here because I feel like I fit.” Or, “I come here
because there are actually people my age.” If we meet them where they are, they will