Laying Down Finally

Happy Memorial Day! We had a great day with several members of both our families coming over today to visit! We took on several projects and got them done, ate Youmans/Parsons leftover wedding cake, mixed concrete, climbed in the roof of the church and lowered a projector, rang the church bell to see if Pastor Scott would come and preach, and last but not least I took both my sweet girls to Sonic for a date tonight! Can u say SonicBlast!

I am thanking God for His blessings and at the same time acknowledging that it is very hard at times, but trying to be content. Jesus is my portion.

I miss all my friends from THRiVE. A few were in town this weekend for the wedding and it was so fun to see them all! Can’t wait for August 23rd to get here already!

Lastly, our sweet baby girl is making faces and noises at us. It is really fun to try and get her to respond to us. I am praying for her even now that God would change her heart to one that loves Jesus Christ and believes on Him alone for her salvation. I am also praying for her future husband!

Thanks to all the many donations that have been pouring in. Some have been large and some small, but all very important. I am very thankful to be growing a base of donors who invest only a little money but much prayer!

NEWS. A friend of mine in ministry recently lost a donor who contributed 6,000/yr to his ministry. This young man is leading many people to Christ on WCU’s campus, pray that he would make that amount up as well as exceed it with the generosity of many people.

Till next time!

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