HEY ALL!  We are so pumped about the release of our new album entitled “REPLACE REDIRECT”  DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE ALBUM BY CLICKING ON THE “DIGSTATION” LINK BELOW.

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THRiVE came into being along with the college & career ministry of the same name August 24, 2008 near the campus of Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. We joined with about a hundred or so college and 20 somethings to worship Jesus Christ! We are on a mission to see Christ’s renown increase all over the world, starting in our hearts first with personal devotion and obedience to Jesus and His Word, and ending up seeing lives changed for Jesus. John the Baptist said “CHRIST must increase, I must decrease” and we try and make that part of all we do, including our music, preaching, and personal lives. We have entitled our first album REPLACE REDIRECT to describe how we want to put Jesus Christ back in His proper place which is #1 above all else in our lives. So in essence we replace the idols in our lives and redirect all the worship (giving worth to) back to Jesus and in so fulfill what we were created to do from day 1.

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Lunch with Phil

Life is full of great events, including lunches with Phil Chandler. What a great young man! I think over the last two years in Jackson County NC and am most thankful for all the killer friendships that we have been able make with the college students! What a great group of people!  Good luck to you Phil!

My daughter Anastasia is sooooo sweet! I never realized how much I would enjoy being a dad!

Chow for now

THRiVE STuff for April 5

* ok….tonight is the night that you bring someone you hate. Thats right I said it. We have an awesome night planned. Carpool or ride the “WebTRAN” that will be behind the UC @ 8:05pm. We will have plenty of room b/c i am bringing a 2nd van so we dont have to put 23 peeps in a 15 peep van. Text me or respond to this facebook message. 828.736.3586 if you are riding so we can get a count.

* DAVE OZZZZY from RUF @WCU (hope you like the nickname dave) is preaching on 1st Cor. 14 so bring your bibles and we will dig in deep after worshiping with Lauren&Casey along with the THRiVE Band!

* Pink bracelets are for sale to raise money for Heather Pritchards’ family tonight @ THRiVE. They are $5 and all the money goes to help with medical expenses. We are making a goal to sell 50 of them tonight and to be able to send Heather a check for $250 bucks. You can buy online ( by donating $5 bucks or more, and WBC will write Heather a check and you can get your bracelet tonight @ THRiVE.

*I need 3 volunteers to set up/tear down coffee/food/fruit and desserts tonight. If you can help, text me or facebook me back @ 828.736.3586 and we will get you rockin’ & rollin’.

* We are really proud of everyone for saying no to sin and yes to Jesus Christ and His Word. As we finish up 1st Corinthians soon, we pray that you have found yourself transformed by His Word and see that scripture written long ago lives today! We hope you never take your college years or 20’s again. These are some of the most pivotal years, as you are becoming the man/woman and leader of people and follower of Christ that you can be!


Jason and the entire THRiVE Team