Upcoming at THRiVE College & Career

1. Tonight is a free dinner for college students at Webster Baptist Church and the whole nite is about college ministry and what God is doing on the campuses of WCU & SCC. Dinner starts at 6ish…come out it will be a great time.

2. Reminder NO THRiVE College&Career this Sunday. We jump back into action on Feb. 8th with a surprise guest band and speaker. There will be a Church wide Super Bowl Party in the fellowship Hall starting at 5:45pm…

3. FYI…BSU has had to cancel their Super Bowl Party due to problems with their heating and cooling system. So if you show up there you will be kickin’ it by yourself.

4. THRiVE Prayer Line Thurs. Morning…Set your alarm for 7am and roll over and call in to start your day with Jesus. 712-429-0690 Pin# 788-364

5. HUGE IMPORTANT FOR DUDES. “Super-MAN” Luncheon this SUNDAY RIGHT AFTER THE 11am service…Big Man Lunch, Burgers etc…$5 bucks to cover lunch, and we will be talking about Biblical Manhood. Please RSVP on the facebook event if you can or reply to this message. Again I am sorry to all the ladies if i accidentally invited you. We will have something for the college/career ladies soon enough.

Jason & the THRiVE Team-


Thanks and THRiVE

Thanks for all the wonderful gifts for our baby girl Ana Claire! Sarah has already put all the items up in her room.

We are so pumped about Jesus changing hearts and calling us to lives lives for Him! Here is some news for you from the THRiVE team…

1. Singer/Songwriter Coffee House tonight. Come and relax, we will have lots of food, coffee(obviously), probably something chocolate(legal college drug), fruit, yada yada yada. If you wanna sing/play a song just text me at 828.736.3586 or message me back on facebook. We have about a half dozen ready to sing, and I am going to read a poem of course!

2. WebsterTran will be behind the UC at 8:05pm. If you are going to ride it text me at the number above and let me know how many are in your group. We have another van that we can bring if there are 22 of you again like the other week(i am sure that was fun…cough cough).

3. Ask Jeff Pate his most embarrassing moment? It is well worth the 2 minutes it takes him to share it. haha.

4. SUPER-MAN Luncheon in one week on SuperBowl sunday from 12:45pm till about 3pm. We will have a ton of food and will have a few sessions on being a “Biblical Man”. I made an event on facebook and accidentally invited all the ladies, so please disregard, we will have something great for you ladies soon enough!

5. BSU is having a SUPERBOWL PARTY that night. They have invited all campus ministries and any students at WCU or SCC. Tons of food and fun, no THRiVE that night. We will resume back on FEB. 8 @ 8:30pm with THRiVE College&Career in the Fellowship Hall. We have some great stuff coming up in February and March that you won’t want to miss.

6. Continue to really get down and pray for JESUS to be number 1 in our lives. Pray that drunks, hypocrites, liars, gossips, homosexuals, abusers, addicts, and everything in between that we try to be, other than children of God, would repent of sin, follow Christ, and live and speak the Gospel of Jesus in this world!

Did someone say Cafe La THRiVE??

1. 1/25/09 Ok so its true. We are having a coffee house Sunday nite at THRiVE and we want you to be able to bring friends and just chill and listen to some singer songwriters. It will be swell! 8:30 start time.

2. I have a bunch of you who have already told me that you are going to get your “Alicia Keys” on and sing some songs. AWESOME! If anyone else wants to sing/play/read poetry etc…let me know by responding back to this message or email me at JasonSpeier@gmail.com

3. 2/1/09 Superbowl Sunday… We are NOT going to have THRiVE this nite, but we are going to have a “SuperMAN” party for GUYS ONLY right after the 11am worship of Jesus! Details Below…if you are female skip to #4.

We are going to have Burgers, Beans, Chips, Salad, Hot dogs and Bud Light! Ok so we probably won’t have Bud Light, but all the rest will be there and you can add root beer to the menu as well.

We will have some great speakers, (Kevin Arrowood from WCU’s Campus Outreach & Bill Dingle from Icthus Ministries), talking about being a “Biblical Man”. It is definitely going to be a great time for all the guys. We will start eating a little before 1pm and we will finish up around 3pm. Cost is $5.00 bucks to help with food. I will create a facebook event and invite you all to it. thx.

#4 FYI, if you don’t have a place to go and watch the super bowl, the Baptist Student Union is having a big Super Bowl party at their place on WCU’s Campus. If you know of any other parties that peeps can go to post it on the THRiVE group page.

#5 Thanks for the praying for THRiVE C&C. We will keep lifting up Jesus as Lord and teaching His word, and worshiping Him with all we got. Thx for being on the “JESUS LINE” (712-429-0690 Pin # 788-364) every Tues. & Thurs. morn @ 7:01am. I probably forgot something so message me back and let me know. Thx.

JESUS must increase, I must decrease…THRiVE…

Jason and the THRiVE Team!


So I just want to say thanks to all the Atheist who have responded to my requests to speak with them about their beliefs. It has been very helpful in understanding where the “church” is going wrong in how we are handling the Gospel of Jesus.

Today is a hard day. A day of decisions. A day of making choices that will last a long time to come. I am so grateful for all the people in my life who have led me to a closer relationship with Christ. It would be so wonderful to be able to look each of you in the eyes and tell you how much your lives have impacted me.

THRiVE College & Career went great Sunday night. Jesus was lifted high, and we were humbled by what “grace” really is…”GOD AT WORK”. It is so nice to know that we are saved by grace, so that none of us can get all big headed!

#1 Blog…What have I gotten myself into…

In the beginning, I became a blogger.  For no real reason.  Not to be famous.  No to be read by millions.  Just to release thoughts on life, Jesus, death, and everything in between, so i can look back one day and remember what has happened.

Today I am counting down the days that I have until my first daughter Anastasia Claire comes into the world.  I am told that i will never sleep again.  Since I dont sleep much now I figure she will be a wonderful person to visit with when I am awake in the middle of the night!  Sarah is beautiful as a pregnant woman.  I think we will have more just so I can see her where giant shirts that just happen to be orange, and think of pumkins in January.

Different Subject.  Mistakes.  Think about that word for a minute.   Just think…

Here is a little video I made when I was 24 and seeking where God would have me in Worship Ministry